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Known Issues and Bug Reports

Known Issues and Bug Reports

Transparency and open communication are essential to us at Nexus AI. In this section, we provide information about known issues and offer a platform for users to report bugs they encounter.

Content Generation Delays
  • Status: Under Investigation

  • Details: Some users have reported delays in content generation. Our team is actively investigating this issue to identify and implement a solution.

Mobile Capture Feature Unavailable on Safari
  • Status: Acknowledged

  • Details: The mobile capture feature is currently unavailable on Safari browsers. Users are advised to use alternative browsers for this functionality.

Project Milestone Notifications Delayed
  • Status: In Progress

  • Details: Notifications for project milestones may be delayed for some users. We are working to improve the timeliness of these notifications.

Reporting a Bug

If you encounter an issue that is not listed above or have additional details to provide on a known issue, please report it to our Support Team. Follow these steps to report a bug

  1. Email Support:

  2. Include Details:

    • Provide detailed information about the issue, including steps to reproduce, screenshots, and any error messages you may have encountered.

  3. Version Information:

    • Include details about your operating system, browser, or any relevant software versions.

Our team will review your bug report and work towards a resolution. We appreciate your patience and contribution to improving Nexus AI.

Status Updates

Check this page regularly for status updates on known issues. We will provide information on investigations, fixes, and improvements as they progress.

Thank you for your understanding and collaboration as we work to address these issues and enhance your Nexus AI experience.

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